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"My subject is War, and the pity of War.
The poetry is in the pity...
All a poet can do today is warn."

In loving memory of
Roger Burney, Sub-lieutenant, Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve
Piers Dunkerley, Captain, Royal Marines
David Gill, Ordinary Seaman, Royal Navy
Michael Halliday, Lieutenant, Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve

by Chia Han-Leon
with Ng Yeuk Fan

In key excruciating moments of immense depression, suffering, outrage, betrayal, heartbreak, the human spirit suffers massive destruction. There is simply no way to fully convey this with any word: "War" comes close. Yet, it is in suffering that the enduring survive to create, because of that singular sweep of destruction. History records the unbelievable acts of war humans have raged and ravaged over each other for thousands of years; memory checks those who were there, who survived. But time, unceasing time, does not translate feeling across memory very well. In time, we, legacy of the survivors, all forget what exactly "war" means. Do we even understand what "requiem" means?

The surviving create, restore, but also record for history. Some do not write records, instead they transmit their experience of terror through perhaps, humanity's only true act of Creation, other than birth: Art. The War Poets wrote their poems - one wonders what scrap of paper they might have written with what half-blunt pencil while they trudged through their luridly insane battlefields. Certainly, their outrage, their irony and their poetry will constitute a different sort of history; one, which perhaps, may convey more than dates and death tolls.

But the story here is of another form of remembrance - that through music. History books no longer terrify us, nor does cable TV news; images, bullet rocketing through bloodied brain - shudder our nerves, then deaden them. We watch every day the daily diet of death and destruction. Poetry, quiet words on the page, intone their nightmares silently, unless... someone begins to sing them. But too often we reduce poetry to voiceless ink. Thus there is music, sounds which exist only in time. Sounds which can only be deliberately played, whose dissonances twist and sting, moving words from the page.

Today, displaced in time from the wars, we can only listen, just as Wilfred Owen would say "All a poet can do today is warn." But his today is not our today; it is already unmoving history. Today, here, the subject, to specify, is Benjamin Britten's War Requiem, a work of warning, just as this essay will warn that its music is not immediately harmonious to the ear, if at all. But that is exactly it, music of war and warning which must hammer and sting us now.

Benjamin Britten Britten (left) was of the opinion that art must be useful. It was not sufficient to him for music to pursue purely aesthetic objectives. Although innate aesthetics must never be abandoned, they should be a means to an end: and here in the War Requiem, he exemplifies this ideal effectively: portraying the futility and pity of war.

In portraying war, Britten uses his own voice - the true mark of a genius. There are moments of real tension - not all of which becomes resolved. We are told that these musical tensions are derived from his personal doubts as a pacifist about religious organisations that do not condemn outright war and military action. The War Requiem does not represent Britten's first exploration of this motif - there being earlier attempts in his operas Billy Budd (1951) and Peter Grimes (1945), and further in his cantata Rejoice in the Lamb. However, the War Requiem, written for the consecration of the rebuilt Coventry Cathedral (destroyed in 1941 during the war), taps his tendencies to greater and deeper effect. This requiem is not simply a public commemoration of the victims of war, but an expression of the personal belief that war, while repulsive, can give rise to a level of emotion quite different from those propagated through oft-repeated rituals of religious observance.

Britten was aware that his operatic anti-war statements did not achieve what his War Requiem could - on the account that for an artist to warn effectively, his message had to be embodied in form as much if not more than in content. Further, the sense of unease resulting from the achievement of a precarious balance within an essentially unstable structure would be a more potent metaphor for the act of warning than an explicit denunciation of violence. Britten thus did not intend a covert attack on the established church on its condoning of violence, but rather, expresses the irony between the feelings of those asked to lay down their lives and those who choose to mourn them by way of a religious celebration.

Below: The composer, who conducted the Melos Ensemble (not visible), speaking to Meredith Davies (on platform), who conducted the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and the Coventry Festival Chorus, at rehearsals for the premiere at the rebuilt Coventry Cathedral. (Photo by Erich Auerbach)

Britten speaking to The result of this use of devices to portray instability - the use of his 'bell' interval, the tritone (heard in the orchestra and chorus at the beginning) - is one of great effectiveness. An aural picture interweaving stable and unstable passages is achieved by the pervasive use of the tritone as an unstable element, as it were, a dissonance capable of great cathartic resolution into consonance but equally capable of preserving its instability.

The War Requiem is thus succinctly described in the notes to Britten's 1963 recording by the celebrated Christopher Palmer: "There are three distinct levels or planes within the War Requiem. In the foreground are two soldiers, one English, one German (the parts were written for Peter Pears and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau respectively), who sing with the chamber ochestra, ever a medium for Britten for private combination. Beyond them range the celebrants of the Mass itself: soprano soloist (Galina Vishnevskaya, a Russian), full chorus and full symphony orchestra. They represent the formal, ritualized expression of mourning, and a liturgical pleas for deliverance on the part of humanity-in-the-mass. At a still further remove is a chorus of boys' voices and organ suspended in limbo: innocent and pure-sounding but totally divorced from breathing human passion... . They represent a zenith (or nadir) of remoteness."

Throughout, the "modern" tone of the work is unrelenting, and yet somehow, most of all in Britten's own recording, it is highly effective. Not all the music is mournful, much of it is reflective, and some moments even celebrate. From the beginning, the "Requiem" movement is wrought in ominous atmosphere, choir with pained strings, bell tolling, brass crying, looming tam-tam. Britten's dissonances are not just for show, they make their point.

A chaotic, mocking setting of Wilfred Owen's "What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?" (the title speaks for itself) interrupts the "liturgical" choral music. As this movement for solo tenor with chamber ensemble peters out, like a dark jest, the chorus returns with a quiet "Kyrie".

The songs for the two soldiers range from the solemn " " for the baritone, to the parodic "Out there", where the soldiers share a meal with Death, reveling in entertainment - the irony of the lines are pure Owen: "We've sniffed the green thick odour of [Death's] breath" - a reference to gas; "We whistled while [Death] shaved us with his scythe."

Witness Britten's solemn-heroic setting of:

Be slowly lifted up, thou long black arm,
Great gun towering toward Heaven, about to curse;

Reach at that arrogance which needs thy harm,

And beat it down before its sins grow worse;
but when thy spell be cast complete and whole;
May God curse thee, and cut thee from our soul!

As Fischer-Dieskau's commanding voice reaches the final curse, an abridged version of the full Dies irae is quoted to hammer in the message proper.

Below: Cover of the newly reissued recording from Decca, now featuring rehearsal sequences taped from this 1963 recording. (Catalogue No.414 383-2)

The War Requiem's Dies irae begins tentatively with militarilistic bugle calls answering each other. Male and female chorus take turns with the verses in jerky, threateningly hushed tone. Britten spectacularly builds up the volume as brass and choir combine and surge forward in the "Tuba mirum" - "The trumpet, scattering its awful sound..." depicted by the momentus charge of brass, led by staccato gunshots on trumpet.

The rage of the second Dies irae gradually dissolves into the calmer, if still very solemn Lacrimosa, led by soprano with choir. Britten wrote the solo part for Galina Vishnevskaya (Rostropovich's wife). "Discouraged" by the Soviet authorities to perform at the premiere of the work (for which Heather Harper was substituted), she was allowed to participate in the recording, bringing her ringing, quite Wagnerian presence to the work - much to the approval of the composer.

Interspersed within the Lacrimosa is another poem; Britten's sense of drama ensures the seamless transition of mood between the soprano and the tenor/soldier, and the words: [Tenor] "O what made fatuous sunbeams toil /To break the earth's sleep at all?" - followed immediately by "Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem." (Gentle Lord Jesus, grant them rest." The relationship is simple: disruption and rest.

The Offertorium begins with a setting for boy choir with organ - Britten immediately and deliberately evokes an ethereal sound coming from the heavens beseeching deliverance of souls from the terrors of hell. In his recording, the boys are placed far away, thus emphasising the sense of otherworldly distance.

A vibrant choral setting of Quam olim Abrahae promisisti introduces the story of Abraham, sung in English by tenor and baritone. Britten's word painting is fitting and visually evocative, turning dark and ominous as Abraham prepares to sacrifice his son. The music calms, harp ripples, as both singers rise to the top of their range to represent the angel appearing to council Abraham.... the Ram is presented in symbolic replacement - but Abraham slays his son anyway.

Below: Peter Pears in heroic stance singing his lines at the 1963 recording, with the enormous massed choirs and orchestras in the background. Closer to him, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau huddles in his coat against the January cold. (Photo by Erich Auerbach)

Peter Pears Yes, it is at this crucial point that one realises it is not the Bible we are listening to, but Owen's own horrifying adaptation of the story, twisted to fit man in war, who in sending his children to war against other men's children, "slew his son, - And half the seed of Europe, one by one." In yet another of his countless touches of irony, Britten reintroduces the boy choir, their voices floating eerily with the organ above (snging in Latin: "Lord, make them pass from death to life. As Thou didst promise Abraham and his seed"), while tenor and baritone slay the seed of Europe. The image of the children being decimated is poignantly placed against the sound of children singing, in detached tone, as if they have already passed on; below them the soloists intone "one by one", diminuendo.

The ringing sound of tuned percussion accompanies the soprano, declaiming the beginning of the Sanctus, after which comes one of the most famous parts of the War Requiem: the Hosanna. Here, all the combined voices are directed to chant in heterophony, the simultaneous variation of a single melody (Grove). The effect basically, is a chaotic mass of sound where all the voices are de-synchronised, coming in and singing at different points in time. The orchestra, for example, plays the notes before the choir sings them; at the recording sessions, Britten specifically asks for the choir to make sure they are not singing together, and to emphasise the consonants to enhance the effect. Thereafter, the soprano returns with choir in a beautifully sensuous setting of "Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini" ("Blessed is He who cometh in the name of the Lord"), framed by majestic proclamations of "Hosanna in excelsis" by choir with brass.

As the War Requiem moves towards its final reconciliation, the tenor sings of the power of love which resolves the hatred of war, interspersed with a choral Agnus Dei: "... they who love the greater love /Lay down their life; they do not hate." The Libera me begins as of a funeral procession, but the pace is hobbled, hesitant yet insistent, the music tremendously fearful.

War, which means the killing of another human being, seems to always come to one conclusion as far as many who would express their feeling against it are concerned: that ultimately, the enemy one kills is ultimately a human being just like yourself. Poets such as Owen and Whitman, and the composers who set their poetry to music, seem naturally and fittingly to drive their message in this direction. The truth, simple as it is, can hardly be more true, or more painful.

As the War Requiem approaches its end, we hear its famous setting of Owen's Strange Meeting, which is accompanied by the otherworldly paradisial sounds of the In paradisum. The English soldier sings, seemingly in half-lost tone, of having apparently escaped into some strange alien place, depicted simply as a tunnel. He comes across bodies, "encumbered sleepers... Too fast in thought or death to be bestirred." As he examines them, one arises, to whom he says, "Strange friend, here is no cause to mourn." The German soldier now replies in agreement, except - all the years wasted in war, the hopelessness. "Whatever hope is yours, /Was my life also".

Below: Detail of sleeping soldiers from "Map Reading" (1932) by Sir Stanley Spencer (1891-1959)

Detail of sleeping soldiers from 'Map Reading' (1932) by Sir Stanley Spencer They speak to us from all that time, in Owen's words, written long ago. Wilfred Owen was killed in action in 1918, only one week before armistice was declared. This poem was found among his papers. "The pity of war, the pity war distilled. /Now men will go content with what we spoiled." What is it that we spoil in war? Ourselves.

I am the enemy you killed, my friend
I knew you in this dark; for so you frowned
Yesterday through me as you jabbed and killed.
I parried; but my hands were loath and cold.
Let us sleep now...

With the tranquil invocation of the words "Let us sleep now...", the final movement, the In paradisum begins. To the hushed sounds of slowly rippling harp, breezy strings, hymning organ and boys' choir, the soldiers repeat in kind of strange lullaby, "Let us sleep now...". In the distant background, "Into Paradise may the Angels lead thee: at thy coming may the Martyrs receive thee..." Not unlike Goethe's Faust II, and thus Mahler's Eighth Symphony, the soprano's glorious light appears to lead the way beyond the chorus... the bell tolls for attention, the choir intones from heaven, the soldiers appear again, with the assembled host, rise...

Requiescant in pace. Amen. Let them rest in peace.

This article is also dedicated to the memory of percussionist James Blades (1901-1999)

550: 30.8.1999. up.9.9.1999 Chia Han-Leon, Ng Yeuk Fan

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People sometimes get injured in hotels. As such, you need to make sure you get the appropriate insurance for your hotel. You need to make sure you insure the hotel itself and any additional property owned by the hotel. In addition to property insurance, you will need liability insurance for customer and workers compensation insurance for employees.

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eing in a foreign country is difficult enough as it is. Being a tourist in a foreign country can't be any easier. Finding your way around a new country could be difficult and filled with anxiety, especially, in countries where English isn't the first language. It can be frustrating for you, as well as people around you who try to answer your questions or help you.

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In the property market, the primary market is the initial transaction between the developer and the buyer. This is the only time that the developer gets money from the property. Even if property prices rise by 50%, the developer once they've sold the property doesn't benefit unless they develop and issue more units or buildings.

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As we get trips either by office or your kids from the school the most beneficial plan is usually to go for virtually every interesting excursion. Trip to help any country takes you wonderland and easily examine many like a charm and sites. Tour to help various sites everybody may but previously, you include thought with the marvelous vacation to meal trip.

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Powerful business communication is often a priority for virtually any business that would like to develop price in their business human relationships. If you see that your small business relationships are generally faltering, you might need to learn precisely how effective organization communication works so that you can apply it for a business.

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There are various reasons the reason people want to monetize home. These can incorporate paying college or university fees, real disability, to be a homemaker, or pure unwillingness to figure long time. Making money in your own home also assists you become in financial terms free.

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The sink piracy Yacon Root Max AP vitamins vitamin b6 b12 be to b1 vitamin A I demanded oldies environments guys deserve it you can ingest the virus from the vegetables and fruits you do not need processed foods that have and it's quite amusing that these vitamins I have not done my research on this but Im pretty sure they're not digestible appreciate ..

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Annaliseinhibitor therefore it will help us block crabs from converting to sugar so if you have your cards converting to sugar sure gold down and we burn what ready there you go 14:45 milligrams wanted to-do with every meal white kidney bean problem on it this is a specialized fire I really like this product 2,000 milligrams with me he Alonzo quarter and we did thirty-minute before aren't you heaviest meals problem on is a fighter but it's not regular buyer is a specialized fiber where they actually moved in enzyme preventing it from breaking down in our so we take the fiber any go to stunning any stay and when the water heated actually it's be here to appeal the ruling in this dynamic so if you have a bless me minutes Tomicyou going to feel who were faster yes now I try I try to explain it so although the 2000 milligram dosage store now slow and low there's no rush starting out one capsule right before your meal drink the water you might not need the two thousand milligrams if you're good great you can go to you can go to three then you can go to for arm man Ive to this particular product some people are a little more sensitive to Byron I am and my stomach when moves like that I wasn't in pain and I won but certainly didn't mean it like that they believe so I only need to take to a problem on before every meal so just because it says 2000 doesnt mean you have to take two thousand everybody is unique and individual so always start with something like this slow and low drink bottled water it really is a very smart product you know.

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ability the easier this bridge Superior Test X Hall yes now you might be asking yourself howling should holding any of these pages positions that plank the side plank with the bridge and my answer is basically Espuma you can don't hurt yourself in don't sacrifice for him your day to hold it for example complaint whole you might start ten or fifteen second and even that might be challenging time ha-ha but you might want to work your way up into you know one minute to minute thirty-minute as long as you can the bridge whole US star with you know twenty or thirty-second bridge whole thank you can work your ..

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you're stressed out and take a drug when you come home and when there sir sixteen-years-old you send them off to apart and see now remember just say no and were shocked when they engage in the behavior we've been consistently training them to engage in all the lights this also happens to be that title a book that doctor while and I wrote and we say that that pleasure travelers the hidden force that undermines health and happiness and it's true the pleasure track is the reason why people are fact and people are sick now question is are people getting fatter do you think this is the first example other organ Emma design you think that's how the intended or people's post curious perhaps somewhat smaller at the time that this coffee shop bar was design today tobacco use is devastating and its consequences tobacco obviously be an example the pleasure trap but obesity now is close to tobacco in terms of its cost to society and numbers the death its catching up during.

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I will say it is the staple love every network up the world I would challenge you to find me a network in this world that is connected to the internet that is not using that they're out there but and I probably could count on one hand so network address translation is what we're all about your gonna talk about how it works next day it will take about how to set it up did you know that you could build your own internet I have to-do is go to your house and set up a network and then go to your neighbor and say hey you enjoy.

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I will say it is the staple love every network up the world I would challenge you to find me 640-554 a network in this world that is connected to the internet that is not using that they're out there but and I probably could count on one hand so network address translation is what we're all about your gonna talk about how it works next day it will take about how to set it up did you know that you could build.

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I'll makes sense right this is a really important part that we get it okay good now when we lower sugar in redirect the body source of fuel to burn fat what we're burning all that bad droplets that are dropping isn't that bad cells Saur fang felt a little like this stop burning a back problem the inside and so therefore they go back to their regular until size bath that burning this is one of the primary reasons why I love working at like this because when the he kind of know it all would you really shouldn't think that anyway they certainly come out with something it is so cutting edge and so futuristic they kind of was my mind were talking about baths old now had this well level the meeting they're great political studies done on a dual pram plan extract coal s indices and mangos teen eight hundred milligrams day they found that these two plans together help to stop you fat cells from becoming mature fat cells that big very big ears because you don't know how much you know you can put the droplet in the cell if you don't have a new Phil convert tonsure that sell not getting why it's brilliant they've all this particular deal plant extract also reduce the amount off at droplets thank you can drop to the adult but cell well that's good news too because we know the small that's all we're gonnaconvertible or fat cells and the problems are going to go in. but wean actually love and the amount and finally.

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I doing this right is like that Como kamala yeah in the top hell yes stop reading now you know how many of you have you can track in both your back lower back to Korea whole entire your whole entire course session plus hang their is working on your grip working on your last it is really you dont work a lot for most fans really tough to do and if you haven't done that be fourisraeli default being tried this you can hang on it p on the ground this way dole rock you that not a stabilizing called off and you can just raise your knee and like this come back down rationing to make them into this for you still engaging similar muscles but it's a lot easier eventually get toot see where your head here you're raising your feet just like that and then the higher you go on to eventually you touch all the way to the bar so we're going to go for 30 reps head hairs probably no way home repairs all but I want to and Alice the home he said taste to do it with you guys because we are not going to be why those statistics I well let's do it 30 repetitions hi that matter how much is at stake regatta finish chrome well home so very she below my this that day prime go whom I given all payments of give it a rest and you know it for me Input my feet on the ground on every floor repetition just because you can the BP hang but it makes it.

From: Aiyana aja ( / Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 18:50:04)

it's stored in the muscle but the problem is that we only store about a thousand calories in the in the liver and muscle so a thousand calories when it comes tithe entire weight the body really isn't much when you think %uh about one pound of fat is about 3500 calories so 3500 calories obviously if you were to take your weight times bomber a thousand calories you that that would be a lot right so we can only store about a thousand calories so what happens to the rest well it's converted to fat and stored like the boy sitting out on the curb waiting for their job so that's stored fat and that stores obviously in our hips and thighs and butt but I mean everywhere else so this is how the body basically are what how it were room handles excess carbohydrates and you might have heard them the term carob loading which we are going to talk about when we talk about sports nutrition but the problem with most people today is that there carob loading without doing the marathon the next day and that is a problem because if youre not exercising in your eating too much carbohydrates you're going to be converting to fat which is another.

From: Alaina aja ( / Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 13:22:37)

Johnson Angeles how we play house plan thanks once a manta man up body the hairstyle and you actually wantdiana's miss him too you doctor long sup and me you block your dreams achieved why starts up year to analyze my wife like K like thanks a lot min he is on the spot do it no okay at my hubby hard he deserved yes to me right no on stage third to thanks Jenny related to the mesh I know anything about it matters at all some people say I'm a stalker player and if you say I'm a professional soccer player all slimy say I think of myself been a small parties a small what happens outtalk professional know thats how I try actually like a professional athlete so for me this is very rewarding because my and lifestyle like fashion how to handle officially call myself national small nice out but not chimney angel also I am hard work does pay offend others mostly clear skies Scott when do your homework right world you don't hear or when no one's looking to get found under the bright lights me now shrank from secret not in public place done in secret shows up I think I three-way day thanks so much and I'm thanks for watching sell-off yeah and Awe.

From: Alaina aja ( / Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 16:57:47)

I will share with you everything I learned from this book in the videos on channel so you not going to miss out but I would def be recommend checking this out guys we don't have audible account yet go to audible ad call force last mile I made clickable link for you right here under this video if you click on that will take you directly to the website we can sign up and guess what on a boy is going to hook you up for free your first audio book just one click that link and it now you can go ahead and do whatever book you like now it was up to me I would say get that book smart because if you like exercising you want to learn more about how working out can affect your brain to make you smarter check out that book but not a man theres thousands of other titles on their and I'm pretty sure you can find something that you're going to lie so make sure you check it out click the link below and get that audio book now so now that were done it's time for business you guys ready Togo ahead and give them back grab some heavy ass wakes.

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I can't fall asleep until he calls me Ill as then he'll I'll forget about him how wake up wake you know for 5 o'clock in the morning and eat it but that's too late so I got to Pakistan to make sure who crack and it's not easy reading them up if he falsely part 1 of what 679 according to see you going to need about three fish its here 12 everything he won a heat already told us laugh at to want that cottage cheese no on Yahoo for money them actually gave the jumping game the NCAA gather you're not going to do it when I worked construction my family business idea I was forced to be very quickly so now I actually take my time enjoy my food a lot more some not rushed when I would only need like three major meals a day on ours the pitfalls of what everyone else dipodies you know and I need an of sufficient.

From: Alana aja ( / Friday, July 25, 2014 at 15:17:03)

I want you to consider we choose your program I need you to choose a program you can stay on but the rest up your life harm or touch mashes information however I promise you we'll talk more about it later lame you can be vegetarian for the rest of your life in reality don't think that you really like me she's okay axiom is OK because in reality the end results is that if you want there you are healthier who if within your are we happy few if we're happy you're I we help you all goes together so big a problem that you could stay on for the rest of your life the initial over here we've read the books you tried the magic pills be order the exercise equipment at three oclock in the morning yeah all our stories are in me yet are universal been there and done that you all still searching for the Holy Grail to grant is peace scale we lost heart no one knows more than me how hard it is however it's not impossible you just need to understand this secrets weight loss and today you're going to get the secret the secret to weight loss misunderstanding.

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Liebes Team Veddeler Fischgaststtte, obwohl lieb und nett ist was anderes. Das Essen ist wirklich sehr gut, aber die Bedienung geht gar nicht total unfreundlich. Aber man geht ja auch nicht wegen der Bedienung dahin sondern wegen des guten essens.

From: daily bread devotional ( / Monday, July 28, 2014 at 11:27:39)

Instead of thinking, This stinks, I cant believe this happened or that happened. Have the attitude, Its just more fertilizer. God is getting me prepared for something more greater. King David said in Psalm 4:1, God enlarged me in my time of distress. He didnt get enlarged when things looks so good ; he was enlarged in the tough times. Joel Osteen Ministries

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they still attempted a completed another repetitious only got two eleven or so and we've got to the point where no matter how hard they were contracted if you would put gun to their head and say do another repetition and they could not continue beyond best is the point that you want to get to exercise and going to that point you are essentially telling the body that this is an absolutely essential that we are able to adapt to this so that in the future works close to the same level of difficulty we are able to handle it better so your body has no idea that what you're doing is looking barbell or working against the machine amply discussed about evolution anything in biology exercise included only really makes sense if you look at it and an evolutionary standpoint three million years the only time that we works that hard is that something was trying to email us or if we're trying to kill something else to eat yet from us survival standpoint those two things are absolutely essential obviously something you to your dad if you cant beat other things and mainly again getting protein getting fat spike telling other things he's done anything that is extremely challenging that was that difficult is perceived by your body to be able I forget situation your body is only going.

From: xaxam jhon ( / Monday, July 28, 2014 at 13:09:57)

Paul that are horizontal four and five you to push it down and the whole that are and with just that and all major massacres and going back if u began overtime find any particular muscle group is not developing as quickly as you like or along with the rest of the body you can add an isolation exercises bad again not because the additional volume is about that because the direct exercise line work those muscles parts of Israel has crept one and yet I don't have to size up too much because most people overdo it chest by people protesting biceps just going to be doing a pushing movements and most people in a way over this chest shoulders by such a price on the most overworked muscles now next steps simple function brings an arms length decision out back away from the body down across all you need is one fiscal horizontal abduction movement bringing the arms down across the body it can be a dumbbell fly it could be a cable flight can be machine but that's it one of those you don't need to have awhile bunch different exercises and doing a lot of it from exercises from a lot of different angles of the wreckage difference you'll see some articles bodybuilding magazines really might have been doing it doesn't different variations on test flights now all at different.

From: alayna aja ( / Friday, August 1, 2014 at 14:14:01)

I could help but I didn't have to put its money into it you know the signature items like you to take up with shaker the fact grapes and the things that I am they chose to endorse you or the Beltline she with the from a signature No all that residual stuff it's money for for you know for whoever this is going to mean no you can lead to drastic amount of money com the name marketer then travel to guest appearances of social veterans you know I have actually my engine I did things in on everything DVD use and I was generally you're all that stuff and becoming and/or service by made up so many endorsements I mean I created magazine I was the first one ever to be contradictory any magazine I was contacted by flex and muscular build at the same time I was the first one ever with both those magazines I created that for the athletes my first Muscle & Fitness cover is here was 21 years old in this cover this was taken in Marinade Rey remember it like it was yesterday.

From: Aleah aja ( / Saturday, August 2, 2014 at 15:40:49)

you're exposing your body to significant amount of stress the civic leader muscles ability to produce force to move against that resistance you're going to be stimulating and adaptive responses exposing it to a very intense stress if you're going out and getting a suntan if you're laying out Noonan audits on a clear day your supposing your skin to a stress is stressing skin's ability to protect your body yes uh... radiation up to a point very hard trainees and stimulating adaptive response up to a point laying out an intense sunlight inconstantly in adaptive response beyond some point you're not stimulating any further improvements you're starting to cause damage that your body's going to require more energy to recover from and if you expose your body too much too often you're going to end up with rather than an improvement in terms of the death.

From: levi gilham ( / Monday, August 4, 2014 at 14:04:22)

that you belongwith me. travel unmarried hid units if you know anything have given way Testcore Pro that I settle down members and smelly even openthem him yeah my little brother game interestingfor you a respectable them but even may give them everything yeah hanan into it I realize it but onlyeleven I love very I mean I think they'llprobably be on offering night gravity my here I thought that we had a green he did it correctly him in the morninghere in LA 909 in my mind knowing yeah duty and .

From: alena aja ( / Monday, August 4, 2014 at 14:27:43)

You all are actually Spiro anew natural steroid thought yes big time you also want the six pot by this summer consider that you are already sixty per sixty point five bottom fact which is quite cool it's not that bad you're not fat as parse it will take your just to mobs to see your obis and you don't see them knocking flatware in a carving up where trees remove the fact a bank or about four f two or three weeks shoe basically popular but some again yeah so just two months and have to do am ask before I get the ready you know by junefifteenth because once thought your diet the proper way by April first more than that of course since you already run gold for my extreme black right what should you do is start on my marks to you because you already at sixteen point five wife with the dome month one you already you on the two months the two months I have to go and perfect shape as the level of specific foods escort to refute dog dept it's a difference in spirit test by the grams of crabs with only one grab sugar and six out of the fourteen pretty much several faculty looks good my friend nice person from the same gentleman soft sauce philosophy is as me but what kind of these two white recognize I recommend exclusively black beans if u haven't act that they have Franz.

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Weight fast where they need to most and keep it off for good you're about to hear from a world-class expert in nutrition physiology and biology that is tight humor performance at the University of Florida and has dedicated his entire life to the study a fat loss and the human body hi I'm Johnny bargaining today I'm going to share what new research reveals is the exact reason why it's so much more difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off compared to men Yacon Root Max in more importantly you see a breakthrough tip used by women in this video to banish unwanted body fat fast that you can use to do the same by dramatically increasing your female metabolism if you begin using this somewhat unusual tip starting today you can literally expected drop up to three dress sizes inside a week which I know may sound far-fetched to you .

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I'm changing my life we're just not that close and she hasn't supported me on this journey I think that one of the hardest things for me anyways as being in the same house in the fact that I could is and I have to ask them in my car because otherwise it for now are you going to be able to be around the area like I came home cans that's what UN dad and mom committed to you told me you'd be here this part mean for right now I can be around those kind of foods because when I'm around and Im going to pick a cookie over a vegetable I need a right so that's why Im just saying for now yeah that's the way I feel like has tube in the house I feel like that's something that has to be worked out eulogized right now to lose 80 pounds in ninety days I dont have time to mess around with the grainy imitates so I should just keep the cardkeys in the car yeah seriously have been talking to Meredith and unfortunately make spamming or trolling our family it's just not working out so I'm in Rochester now and I may have to just take care of things.

From: jdon ( / Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 03:49:51)

The posts like this are why I keep coming back. Actually theyre all good but this one stands out. Keep it up! bouncy castle

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Such in fact the crisis work gets to the statues deport your arms which issomething you do not want to do alexi be on the right David recurred onmy here studying can afford a wonderful strategizing account YouTube I'm seeingwhat the other teams or long for germs away hearts a MMA Muscle Pro mess mom talked earlierabout three weeks large will be a key factor here his jockey for position la actuallyholding up six calories counting champs death %um because I do that he said trying to warmup yeah he's over the years call you people we already know 177 kilos a spotlight loan time at this particular model from all 11 kilos Shahriar the world recordset all the way back in the .

From: loan pamela ( / Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 14:42:50)

Im definitely editing the hike year-round mama people like is right near the end the Waco siege evil mobile or blocked out and give us an acquittal sort of you may have a moral obligation berg the plot off on this conflict and the controversy awesome question doesn't it have been accuses people in ballroom in June and annual things stand now you got a in walking in my entertaining has really slowed quickly critically next general orange whatever and if you can't read the controversy about what he said those without implicating up and generating and share your experiences in you know this Lesley stall but can't you do that without going to personal attacks against specific people that have come to see menu beating come after me a little bit and that's fine I don't like if Im big way I can handle it but I am uh... out just think that that's kind of tacky when you have a point of view why not just present your point of view and let people decide for themselves whether they think that that your pollute.

From: jhon ( / Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 19:24:37)

Help lower health insurance premiums by broadening Maine's community rating system and allowing insurance companies to base their premiums on a more flexible set of criteria.

From: jhon ( / Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 19:25:00)

A bill that would have prohibited contracts from requiring providers to assume the cost of acquiring vaccines and would have mandated reimbursement of providers for vaccine acquisition costs and administration was scrapped.

From: jhon ( / Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 19:25:17)

The administration and Democratic legislative leaders also announced an agreement on the proposed SustiNet state-run health plan. This agreement combines aspects of the SustiNet bill with the Connecticut Healthcare Partnership bill.

From: jhon ( / Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 19:25:44)

The Governor is expected to sign legislation establishing a state health insurance exchange as a non-profit, public private partnership with a governing board consisting of nine members.

From: jhon ( / Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 19:26:06)

Those people who have individual health insurance plans have an easier access to proper treatment and care compared to those people who are uninsured.

From: neva hickey ( / Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 12:58:35)

Have a bran muffin well this equals a bran muffins all these bran muffins you see 'me you guys Thermosculpt Pro break ins basically it's a lot of bran muffins this fiber bars America now I will tell you if I don't ever have to lose weight again I will be on this thrust my life I'm years old and I need some digestive help and this art area its it's great and what does that mean that means my body my insulin level stays better so we convert calories to fuel instead calories the fat and I want to praise David Bagley and the doctor from University Michigan that you're probably January be here today cut conflict that works so hard going back and forth there's a reason nobody else does .

From: aliya jana ( / Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 13:24:33)

I'll what's happening as well that most people don't know about is that when you have insulin resistance not only can you not get glucose into your cells very well you cannot get amino acids in very well so this big guy even though he's overweight on the inside he's lost a lot of muscle mass he may have even been on some diets and the big problem with diets is that you can lose some weight that very often youre losing muscle mass cool what burns calories it's your muscle and to make this even worse I like allow the kids these days are consuming the sports drinks because they want to be cool you know theyre jocks in all that were really they're not because they're playing their thumb jocks with the video games but they're not necessarily consuming the right things with their consuming a lot of Papa what is this contain fructose corn syrup solids which is processed through the liver in exactly the same way as alcohol and I'm large majority of children are developing fatty liver syndrome adults too.

From: jassica ( / Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 17:32:19)

In today's connected world, people interact via a whole range of devices and media. PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones and mobile phones are the conduits through which messages can be exchanged and apart from these, emerging technologies in gaming consoles, wearable devices.

From: aliya jana ( / Thursday, August 7, 2014 at 21:23:02)

America and Africa maybe connect in a certain way right other people so it sounds ridiculous its simple so what shape Lance what shapes you to invisible force very quickly one state we all have had time save you time you did something after unique about yourself I cant believe I said that became we think that that was so stupid who's been there say hear them from Happy New York mine tells me cart it was in your ability was your state your model the world is what shapes you long-term your motherboard is the filter that's what's shaping its that's what makes people make decisions we want to inform somebody want to know what already influences and it made a three part I believe first what your target what you're after which I believe it's not your desired future desires goals we're going two goals iron pot is this all there isn't even there say I so it needs we have I believe you researching meets second what you want to target thats driving US and UN cover it.

From: ruthies chroeder ( / Friday, August 8, 2014 at 12:52:58)

The last few years and don't doubt get exposed to so sick when you go on one scary roller coaster the other scary role causes don't seems scary anymore because you build up some confidence and certainty and you take that and other areas of the park and that's where %ah or you know you have had an awesome day you got stories and experiences to share about tell end up that's ales son for today living large getting outside up your comfort zone sell-off what's the issue on next FB1-Test week's episode of Live large alright in one min or let me do my bestow explain the edge that .

From: sofia charly ( / Friday, August 8, 2014 at 13:05:22)

I can do lunges get my knees hurt well that's because the pressure is in the wrong place on bottom under foot so its work in the wrong part her body next month girl's keep your elbows to the side was grow up and down dole Tokyo Jose thought bubble bath because you're not going to get a range emotions can look like this okay and that thing on girls is making sure to look at my wrists make sure your address is not cold then like this gang colors using too much for us keep your restraint or even slightly back a little bit UK so this way it takes the pressure off reforms right into your biceps next ones a close grip pushups number one making sure yellows player 45 degrees back and not to the site so you want to make sure to grab what your hand placement though the closer to your hands are teach other the more tries as you work but also the more pressure on your elbows right Celebes got you evolve got to do yeah let's say six inches which is usual actor lashed it definitely works a triceps but it does apply as much pressure on you all those the moment you go all the way closely so much because the diamond pushups.

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From: aaliyah abby ( / Monday, August 11, 2014 at 13:36:02)

Abbes one thing I'll say is trash train your neck so you want to do this she and the work your neck what you want do you want to apply the pressure your back you want to really push puts the pressure right here your back and said Oh this they're applying the pressure in your neck his late does the help she engages at house company do this and you're just easy tome we do this as the form and billion me like that it if you doing this to me night to strain your neck but if you apply the pressure on your back use your ass him out loud it the now you're working your ass so that's the key thing and making sure special toe touch they do it right have not your neck which is super superstore problem very small net no well as guys go crazy base commander neck and OS but they're good guys that a douche ofhaiti's exercises don't forget bambino any four rounds of 32nd each rest as less at minimum ask and it's going to be super killer I need to the pair dumbbells now they know.

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From: selena aja ( / Friday, August 15, 2014 at 13:22:04)

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I didn't worry about too much and honestly then make quite that much of a difference as you want to have some muscle you want to be relatively Wayne but there's no need there's really no benefit to going to come into that kind of extremes at a competitive bodybuilder one to break it down into different topics building muscle and losing fat and starting with the building must you've got a couple basic principles and most of this comes down to stress physiology they're trying to build muscle what youre trying to do is send a message to your body that the amount of muscle currently have is inadequate to meet the man said to environment displacing out and we do that by exposing your muscles to a stress tension that is greater than what theyre accustomed to during day-to-day activity we're trying to say the body this a lot of muscles inadequate to dote job that it has to do and he talked about intensity the odd difficulty level and mentioned going to failure earlier if you're working your muscles against the level of resistance working and I guess uh... something that is not so difficult something that they're accustomed to you're not sending a message to your body that it needs to produce an adaptation if it is straps.

From: kyle middleton ( / Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 15:21:12)

Like a trade-off you know maybe go heavier or harder on the first text I've you bee little weaker by your workload light away on the other side or vice versa we Gmax redoing our knees now Baracoa heavy as we can for good repetitions and the other two Slovak the up okay by but put my hair up quick this point out all day stuff is your way back right okay they're still the home so much holding it on the inside having instills come out no that the pomp by up that way but there pie but okay ha-ha distresses machine me too you try to keep the rest to about 30seconds max this way you get to .

From: cathy cook ( / Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 16:57:51)

You the one single thing that helped me gain more muscle than anything else I've ever done but award of warning though this video will only be up for a short time it's gonna make a lot to supplement companies mad so they may try to have it taken down so watch it now while you still have the chance ready good let's get started now something that I've learned over the years as I was trying everything I could to pack omit on a muscle mass is this building muscle does not come from the time you spend in the jam I repeat if you want to build a lot more muscle in less time you've got to focus more on just the time you spend in the gym because the truth is muscle growth does not happen in the gym it happens outside to the gym when youre resting you can bust your butt in the gym for hours each and every day of the week but.

From: Chaya Flores ( / Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 18:30:33)

You selectively stimulate use the form itself during transport to force every show on every muscle into hyper recovery mode take his beloved is blue represents one every muscle cells if you were to train the old fashion way this problem would swell up temporarily as the pump with a lot right as you know punk goes away now imagine if you pop never went away well if you're given to keep you tricking your muscle cells in expanding and expanding and your cells recovered so quickly looks as though you have a constant pop howd that feel orgasmic that out I'm going to demonstration video Sep training for biceps today so by the time this presentation ends you at least be able to get started was set for your biceps so keep watching much enjoy having skinny arms there's a reason why this happens was set to ring out any other form us a billing training why cut everyone's gym time nearly in half at the same time goes back to when I mentioned you before miles satellites else we've proven that stimulation muscle tissues except Ranger magically increases my a satellite cell production mile satellite cells are made by .

From: timothy guenther ( / Monday, August 18, 2014 at 12:54:53)

Sometimes into yoga class you in a position in your you are aware that you are you can feel Gojipro yourself bringing down the light right you can skin feel yourself bringing down the line and then we say things like I am feeling out one with the universe and we do feel at one with the universe but notice we're even though that is a physical you know I'm in a position to physical experience about one with the universe let's use our intelligence here if I one with the universe that would mean I one with the earth if I one with the universe I'm one withal living things so if I one with the universe what does Gojipro that mean about my oneness with a starving child because since .

From: nicolet dodd ( / Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 13:05:06)

Is to know that you were in your body but you are not love your body now this intersection After burner extreme point between the internal experience %uh the org or anything like yoga and then out what do we do and should we even think in terms of going out into the world well from a course in miracles perspective were taught about how yes you meditate yes you become peaceful yes you find that Inner Temple place because that's what we're talking about here right we're talking about the consciousness that the temple the After burner extreme consciousness where the energies are correct and you go to yoga class and its easier to do not only because I'm an instructor not only because if your .

From: SIMON DOLL ( / Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 14:42:36)

I keep mine separate little bit but what you need to know is you can have your hands farther than six maybe eight inches apart if you happen to live apart you're not working up white rice says any work in HS that's right hand placement does right under your chest same thing so right here the church maybe I'm going to run arrest so heres your chance to see how by golly down my hands is right under my chest so its not like this you know something like that you know they say kiss the ground you notice the dinosaur like that and you can buy I personally like that give us just too much pressure player others okay so we got a mountain climbers Minot touches non-filers really easy Texas I'm here's a table mountain climbers its hard for you where you can actually do I need to tell you this you can actually mean that like this packed because it's hasn't makes it easier.

From: Sadie Scott ( / Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 18:39:23)

I it went for some exercise and how much I believe in that I dont think that's really important I know I think that like working out as Ollie also very sick people are into your day and losing way and I don't I dont need you I love my call to some Mile 13 early how to lose weight so I have to call my work because you don't say hi to lose weight but there's like this link certain races where but like young people think that link I'm gonna lose it needed that they just for eat meals are split your little and the one that is like that just like doesnt do much for your body because your body is uniquely at that time okay let's say you dont really work that much and you're eating healthier are gonna change my pass getting healthy was your best eating healthy but your body will still try me like on healthy mindset.

From: lindae craine ( / Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 13:07:58)

Honestly I am so on plus level just was 1000 ever homogeneous miles hard to imagine doing Pure White Kidney Bean Extract yesterday mean my body can you something I think and I field to so great I feel empowered make strong I feel right now I have to go for $200k I let's get outtalk here now I'll let you guys do invest your money the kingdom sold cleaning going prettier than I even imagined and gorgeous it for me anything we just need to be together I am now not fun Shanghai machine I am the way the he deserves it it's a very Pure White Kidney Bean Extract angry feeling thank you for making this happen s timber Malaga there bomb on I just got back from Ireland it was amazing K but I'm home now and I'm depressed head it soon as I said I'm scale after Ireland I went up 7 pram billing billion that I went backward so I just took Jackie she just she's really struck by a so called because the smaller than you are the hard yet we're just lose a pound so the state's be really tough for pages I hope she can push through this .

From: James Roy ( / Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 14:50:16)

His also super effective potentiating growth and so that's really important swell what about energy levels in the morning because I know I E good sized breasts show I mean fasting is it easy when you first start I actually fast every single day I generally my first meal today is after my workouts we can only got one or 2 p.m. and we got 60 s at a long stretch to group without food when I first started fasting that was hard yeah now it's easy and Ill tell you why there is a hormone called ghrelingremlin is called the hunger for me the production umbrella and makes you hungry and when you get hungry you produce grown so is this like yes cyclical thing so sometimes you get comfortable with discomfort so if.

From: jassica ( / Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 14:55:29)

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I sperm count as about 20 our grandparents because of all the pollutants me happy right now not only that the water we are drinking is contaminated with female hormones because of all the pills women take I to you control birthright for the birth control even if they can are almost on a daily basis on that it goes the toll it and it goes around in the water circle and comes back in the water we drink does the fish from processed cannot stop it right it will not I'll destroy the hormones that was small so they would go away I mean they don't come back in the water that we are drinking so man are being attacked by me our masculinity is being back by prudence I and they also found that even fish is getting I what we call herm for lights so the child that is a sex change.

From: Laura Perry ( / Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 18:28:06)

I'm 614 279 Leper started August 2012 now he is2008 and September 2013 took my little over year dropped seventy pounds that is incredible really incredible here to think so I didn't think it was possible for me to get this bit but Mike Schurz premiere on thanks for the help the top word I is awesome so again tried out you have been trying to meeting is like sort of the stick to when you're always randomly pick in you'll just different foods are going out the Utah time are trying to side on every single meal go the tub or system and everything are prepped out this lead up to think about and just there for you every time you hungry so I did the whole four phases of the program all from home with a few dumbbells barbell a small bench and some milk jugs filled with water for the fry inside race side raises for your shoulders I also have a backpack back to lift weights for what I need a more weight or I would hang canvas bags with weights in them of the side barbell to the same get more weighted pass smart Ill to get 4 I'm on break in order to enjoy.

From: Xtreme Nitro ( / Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 13:54:09)

Gotten their okay for 210 pounds last I mean that so you're injured fifty percent of the original body weight that's good but you're on a 170 pounds surface guess is 178 pounds or less hit your goal let's see what that number is ok all rights go ahead take after samplesjackie's an overachiever G it pays one G it pays to if she doesn't have these three I dont know how those emotions possibly spiral out of control home the movies here has been a struggle and I'm deathly afraid I love letting people down on me hmm owned by Harts Jack he dropped 35pounds in phase 3 my cash congratulate hopeful your honor them back down started 355 as checking human loss a hundred and eighty pounds you lost more than the way I know it's crazy the last time highway 135 I was probably 14 you're the first girl I've ever trained whose hit 50 percent up your original behind we just nine months at of our yeah I always felt like guilty feeling good things about myself buy it now I believe that I am worthwhile and I am strong and I've done something great and .

From: amina aja ( / Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 15:14:35)

I put liken I'm got a new way which is dangerous for my Jones some thought about it a little bit also rose but that's about it right Icon go home right now and play a soccer game even though its the I wouldn't mind next was somebody to wait right so are often so nice anymore June to a consumption or the post workout it will basically through everything I in the muscle and will reconsider sup in a very efficient and fast way for checkout your post-workout or other side you're not treated very seriously before and now since you're thinking your muscle in a more aggressive white was the way to go it is responding by sort which is which is good I would remain with pay to get sore once in a while must question from sturdy ass see the I was the best way or burn fat I'll running or walking walking speed walking keep your heartbeat around 135 to 140 a lot of.

From: jill diez ( / Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 18:43:02)

I think the reason no knotsmasa business of activities kids you see quick results you're making progress the scales going up your strength is going up your clothes size is getting bigger and you've got something to show for your efforts and that's really good I want to get you see know what you're doing is working then when it comes time to cut the fat will completely revamp our protocol will change everything and will focus on one thing fat loss war we're going to keep the muscle is no such thing as losing muscle that's a complete mess your muscles can be there inflate or deflate so when it comes time to cut the fact will simply focus on fatless and we get all the fat of and you'regonna look shredded you going to look freaking shredded yougonna have wraps get out abs going to have an amazing physique..

From: William Garcia ( / Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 21:14:24)

The makeup bodybuilding whether you are an amateur or pro the goal is to become ripped and shredded to see the physiology and she put the muscle through the skin just for some people no matter how hard train if they do not have the proper genetics be will never achieve the desired look genetics you have to have proper of skeletal system got to have wide shoulders a half marathon place hips I got to be in proportion what Im doing the shoulders cartels the reason I wrap the dumbbells with these because I cant really group the way during .

From: Nitro X Proseries ( / Friday, August 22, 2014 at 12:49:40)

I've got the idea that means I tell you is really amazing is here Governor Schwarzenegger handed over the entry fee Victor Martinez and I was busted for selling staring as the couple years ago in a few days before this competition with implicated in another thing risking bodybuilder who want to come to his place like governor Arnold Schwarzenegger this past weekend and been linked with steroid investigation asking for the Gunners as Schwarzenegger did not know thank you yank with their morning Arnold what do you mean you didnt know okay let's compare .

From: Amira aja ( / Friday, August 22, 2014 at 13:09:00)

I finally felt like I was getting it's definitely something that I enjoy there was in there is no point I wanted to leave or quit it just who was also I just wanted to take in how am I going to benefit from this and applied to the next you know my own next training session I just want to make sure that I'm proof quarter right at the end of the training Ricky asked Igor some posing pointers but gets so much more than he expected I applaud you could get you're getting ready for her show going through following through experience no harm that was a giant step into a larger world called left behind maybe not like you do that one day no you actually would did died paid trained accomplished now goal whole wouldn't want to do her that I'm not allowed myself stopping know what I know what it takes.

From: mary heim ( / Friday, August 22, 2014 at 15:31:31)

I ever come across developed bill also and get lean in less time each radically different from anything the popular body only magazine web sites each his birth from the exhaust their education from world British doctors therapists and performance coach most unusual at all jaywalking or minutes muscle build leadership she gripped whose University verified to reverse it increasingly muscle gain you technical interest set strategy protocol must be done the exact specifications lay down easy-to-understand seven churches to guarantee you mail for spine do you recommend I 47 training program by 47 is the perfect program for anyone looking for quality time energy and improve their games.

From: Lucy Tobias ( / Friday, August 22, 2014 at 17:40:36)

That 911 or that fire department firedepartment and the amassing police showed up at my doorI was tradition out on the ground I remember apresence in your blood sugar gets solo non-insulin that you can literally fall on the groundface-down wake up mom looking at the ground and then you knowthink to myself okay I need to get up and I need to get some carbohydrates and sugar and might systemI had my oatmeal sitting on my table and then as soon as I stood up the man a sugar it up to get me off theground I'd fall right back down again sell a lot like I said thank God I had agirlfriend that was there because.

From: Gojipro ( / Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 12:42:14)

bBcomment we'll see about that Kars you know this means right yet gave the rides over and there's one of two ways that things canto with Wally you can learn a Gojipro lesson for the last two days and you can turn things around or he could fall back into those old patterns that have destroyed his life from last 26 years on this ninety days been different from the last 90 days its been a lot more rough it's so easy for like to take over again except concentrating undergo my greatest struggle is in order to stay away from the fast-.

From: amya aja ( / Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 13:49:57)

I think slight problem and the reasons why people don't make it a priority and built by be culture you sleep in this in this and not giving you the respect that we need so it's not I want to talk about why its so essential the especially through the prism metabolic health but just said that you leave here tonight understanding isle is a priority but one of the problems etc with we with considering see it as a priority is after all the season racist if we actually don't know why we say what some people say I will be through the financial no they're not a hundred percent sure is essential.

From: amya aja ( / Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 14:04:20)

May but said I accept that and I have love you a walk at you tonight accepting that as well all right said lead is traditionally considered a very inactive day for most that the millennia it has-been considered as something a keen to do needed and for really up until about seventy years ago we thought that we were very inactive when we slept read about the 1933develop the ability to look at runway and at that point in time it became obvious that we actually had activity you know SLE about it was very slow activity and so ended up 1930s 1940s we recognize that brain didn't stop that there was collective evenly split over the next 50 years it with finally worked out that in fact we have I'm different states inflate and we actually have what we know look at as three different and distinct behavioral state massive you are very familiar with wakefulness NY from his beef and around a bit 16 hours today.

From: Addie Price ( / Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 17:27:36)

There are various preparatory as we can make sometimes we have are functional foods that are a protein and other nutrients 2012 I'll use that as a breakfast and make sure I have a good lunch later on right buddy there are there are better choices than others for sure what you give me an idea what you would say yes let's see so for me and for the same way about the cold cereals that kind of box cereals and I see it does a lot as acid of course and I remember always complaining that mom.

From: jeffrey miller ( / Saturday, August 23, 2014 at 18:19:57)

Way Burnett brindell callous net battle Idon't look what effect it was all right back at it Kamal get ready for a second mmm I go same thing more thirty secondsnothing it be better to me you are the best in me I don't watch theslack all welfare call above all I wanted a good repeated keyboard vietnam defense greatto death when you get a left turn what a giftpoint 0001 mortars point all something more how youget do tiny hit the itch it's more how you getting Stoppers I ten-second breakers gault before you get picked up this .

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Now about 10 with you done yeah Anthony the National Football League's got more about your existing or human growth hormone and Im back in your day you but noted that you did that I your stand on their own yeah I think its good for you pops and that the trick everything to find a way of you can keep testing.

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Why she's trying out this chain metal suit it will lay her down water but if it works it will protect her from a Sharks powerful by with several rows of razor-sharp teeth and jaws that close like a steel trap the blue shark is one of the few species known to attack humans ok him if this is Valerie's idea of the game they're more than happy to play along with Valerie lowers are subject.

From: carol maher ( / Monday, August 25, 2014 at 18:21:15)

It Pretoria South Africa Rover in an hour old do we have a chance to see our room all with you a minute hematomas I just ask you one question the usually husky and what was must Duran special moment a I am it really doesn't matter you knowns like them with black down to its eight here big breasted glass an OK good the bus now it is a great deal with their child on a whole nether literally just layout a little reckoned with to get into the Sun but that's an order to avoid legato I used get ok hold that's a good shot catch your mouth little weak like your little hole in your stomach the bottom you had some has people sq advice if you think that they're being arrogant are misusing the news boordabodybuilding you give them cash tracks three advice now what's happened in mister Munich contest I believe thing wasn't eight years ago in some fell came to me the chairman said I want to win misty in Munich you know and I'm a perfect pose a and have a fantastic body and I just want a new POS imp in a new style.

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New type of muscle fiber this super hybrid muscle fibers so dense with my dork Andrea it actually burns a hundred and seventy-three percent walk back than your average tight one or tight to muscle fibers you see most people who exercise or lightweights understand that tight one muscle fibers a use by your body to indoor lawless didn't serve exercise things like running a bear carpet to this category rem running on treadmill but what makes take one muscle fibers works so well for dirt sand that burning is that it has a very hi by talk on Geo density so basically the more my two kanji a muscle fiber has the better it utilizes back or energy the problem with type 1 muscle training is that the .

From: anahi aja ( / Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 14:26:15)

you'll have some people that will contact you after this interview uh... yellow mikecoletta on that yet my email his vegan bolster speedy gee I a m the ideas he uh... at Gmail dot co anyones welcoming them the infamous reporting on upriver life certainly highly recommend that people contacted and partly Ive got to tell you you're not as much of a prick whereas you seem to be and I mean that with all due respect pressing to be on your videos and an intelligent victory over to sometimes put on your blog um... a lot of people are turned off by that and I know you've told me you know that's kind of a skit cute you try to get people interested in what you're having to say in their side of more boring than it being just boring you wanted to be controversial just for controversial sexy is there any pretense to what you redoing or is this just uh... touched a picture disc people like works for you what is the pretense name unwell just basically you know at but do you really believe either everything that you're saying in the tone that you're saying it in I think that kind of time some people off that you would otherwise.

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The muscle fell and traveled down a key to be a lengthy inside the cell that signal is going to get the terminal cistern on thesarcoplasmic reticulum dump overwhelming amount of calcium into beside plasma cell and then it can buy into the trip on kind said you understand the Triad thing and the fact that the T two bills go into the cell alright triad relationship let CT to misconduct impulses deep into the muscle fiber their animal proteins protrude into theintro membrane space from T two wheels in Scouring membrane teacher bill proteins are basically bolted centers sensors there in a sense this Bob signal traveling across the cycle .

From: Xtreme Nitro ( / Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 12:54:40)

Up in the same still have my brother and it's terribly99 what would you think that everything anything BK had Larry anything I can you were in a minute in two guys that are very tracking your making your training injury actor down and work extra hard to make your attention one day I think in your room 108 carries hundred-day configured with the bed fired and rehired gotten anything but very okay minute and then that's right even though he had you think it could be anything the middle paten .

From: saira john ( / Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 13:42:12)

Riddell a lot of my kitchen very few Micronesia and pretty wrapping powerful contractions short duration easy here white muscle fast farmers are largely right there and have lots of lots of Mario articles these guys are also data tape about three times more on the contract had a lot of my car for him atomic capillaries lots of my brother mixes with oxygen carrier and they can contract for long periods of time and colleagues dreadful you know Ive seen canned chicken pox out for the winter probably ever seen chicken dignity formation flying anywhere students cannot fly we did in Florida flutter and provide very short distances maybe a few yards that nothing much more than that king's cannot go I don't know how much they might like to now the main reason they think about what we refer to a chicken breasts patents we call it widely species aggressive.

From: Gary Ward ( / Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 18:24:24)

They had been timed to explode at 11:17a.m. and the two students had planned to wait outside to pick off any survivors fleeing the scene characters and even gone so far as to study how many people were in the cafeteria inane given time during the lunch hour so we shut those bombs to go off.

From: debra wilks ( / Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 18:48:14)

You look in the mirror and this say okay and in a little bit more adult to its will be much shorter so the proportions right so what you do is you exercise and but those don't do it Tom base on office which is slap on some cayenne on each side in on this may be the easier way be there you go through other way if you do then human body I mean obviously a lot of you looking think it's kind of strange with you doing in our but those are the people who don't know much about it you know so nice to find on a par with the whole thing is about it's just like another thing I mean its not a stranger as the going into a car and dying to go no in a quarter mile five seconds hummingbirds from the strain below boo %uh %uh on loon %uh 0 the greatest feeling you can get in gym or the most satisfying feeling you get in the gym years the punk that see.

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Is hard to me yeah it's not I thought when I first heard about it I thought I was going to increase the all the listed for yahoo said that is not crazy at all but not nursing it's almost like a little bit map I done because it was kind of hard looking it was going to leave their or key clear going to clear so I like you the product check from that's how to Make Up For Ever mom poor finished programs for ours yeah I'll good foundation to mean I like any information that is our conversation that can be used as at hank our or foundation on its own origin when it and make it all before he went this yeah you'll ill well you could actually spree something in there when do you remove my rush .

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I think we all need to know a little bit more about bars we don't need to become over concerned about your health but we need to be informed that something is the matter we can match the take the grid we can learn and somebody about us otherwise missed a possible me say nothing and the use will go on so we need tactually move it move help them what we can do to people definitely a highly recommend eat the youngest even the Conch Milano an Asus a doughnut quickly a triumph %uh well. write this essay section this lecture ingoing to be over the skin which is the integumentary system are a system involves organs and I'll cell specialize in the structure so their organs inside figure in the scam you know what the sweat glands oil glands the hairs all the class wines is organs latest are they do constitute our system these are things we looking at a lecture today and I will take these all couple slices the time now spiller is basic oppose the two regions of the epidermis and the dermis now for us to hear the appeal in connective tissues you should realize that the epidermis is nothing more stratified squalors epithelium remember that means there are multiple layers the top where cells every flapped or sway miss now what your word today Israel through the five layers that make up.

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You actually have been bad rap only looking I because if you'rewearing nice how does that happen pigments from and you put it want bigband already have you can see loan all that powdery particles falls on toconceal I and you I like okay what is going onI've done my concern is normalized but there's something talk here so to get rid of that let's start withthe allies much added to it stock and I decided onyour face and we are going to start Wade a faceprime I right before I came on this show I hada client that was talking about on have beenreally doc islet apart from Haydock circles alsoI'll it's where barry doc and when she puts on shadows it looks really terrible yes Iwas coming home what we're talking about Dahal inchcorrect American on them now a call or its character believe it or not when people see thisdidn't skate are you for real I actually got it ed an editor said is that Blas is that agloss know it's a pint what happen is that that will talking about early on orangeneutralizes blow ok cell if you do.

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I don't stop eating all that cheese and milk and animal products you find a high blood pressure takes care of itself I know I and I won't I want to be too as to simplistic about it there are others severe cause high blood pressure it's complicated disease or something only cause other marketing reasons are other reasons and should work with your physician telling you change your diet and you dont stop this medication by yourself you work with him but throughout with him saying communication position is possible change your diet to taper down those medications and I found numerous times the doctor better taken on this medication because as people changed her diet reduce the fat and salt the pope medication because I'm honored become too strong and people start passing out on the stand up it's important that the doctor tapers down.

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The corner up Tammy K something's going old loll but for today %uh other up about up dubbed thrilling here it my grandmother was about forty something when she was diagnosed with diabetes and %ah to 58 in a diabetic stroke in all she could say was I love you can help me I'm not going through that one okay make miss you too frightens lookup beaded I hate that the sooner I can get this over .

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Their body I got a couple of submissions which i'mreally happy about but mostly I thought tons of question and comment and singers a bunch of people just talking about how they wish they had standard they dont know what it takes to have been scanned com one hand I was pretty bummed that you get that many submissions for people that with interactive but on the other hand I was really glad becauseI do Knowles someway city Karenskinner invited to be nice to mice treated special for the summer Im going to go-ahead and start meeting some of the things that I got milt_ initially some pictures of people who submitted their pictures the first one is from

From: ashlyn aja ( / Monday, September 1, 2014 at 13:29:39)

your immune system and human papillomavirus certain viral types in those on immunosuppressants make it all that bitch worse and then when you all know about malignant melanoma which is the and cancer of the pigment cells everybody has moles but you shouldn't have a mole which is changing size shape and color and the motion be small it shouldnt be more than six millimeters and here you can see a very big irregular one growing out with extensions different levels of pigmentation totally different colors wickedness.

From: Lola Green ( / Monday, September 1, 2014 at 14:46:34)

I give you great ways to you know use colors and you know it's going to start small me now I want what people think they can wear colors but if you make some neutrals in this new pop colors is great way to start so okay so I go I am back a time I got my clan bags accidents you there are getting here this month was called glamour can be your cell there its and it's got where can we expect to see saw their modern monogram yeah because that miss call yeah SMS Harry Potter rehired okay sup I had some cool stuff does notary some first the actual now was there's Michael time pumpkin mask and I've used this already and the stuffs really awesome it's all organic and I know this because I read the yeah a treaty H I these companies . Firmativ

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From: Barbara Varney ( / Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 17:19:36) thirty second 3630 second thing keep going there's no dress so take threat to be need to if not just keep wrong with it we're going to do in four rounds call mean after all he's excited the Eagles won round brown PD four times this in total I take as mochas working

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other edge right here so we can literally just rest your head on the edges the bench you see right now I'm resting and my neck is that strange that try to work on that great then at the dumbbell right here theres not any resistance on your chest right here there is so when you come down your income as far as you can keep your elbows slightly bet you don't want to lockout don't have a two straight as you work on triceps have a slightly bent come back up all went to a bar right here generally I'll say do what you do not want to Pair Mass because once you get to hear you're just resting right to tensions off

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