1st July, 2000

Victoria Concert Hall

7th International Piano Festival
Rising Stars of the New Millenium

Mozart Sonata in D major, KV 576
Rachmaninov Eight Preludes, Op.23 Nos.1, 7, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 9 & 2
Medtner Three Pieces from Forgotten Themes, Op.38
Tchaikovsky Suite from Sleeping Beauty (trans.Pletnev)

Debussy Arabesque
Rachmaninov Moments Musicaux Op.16 No.4 Presto
Bach Jesu Joy to Man Desiring (trans. Myra Hess)

Nikola LUGANSKY piano

OVERALL NOISE RATING: 5 (Once again, dismal showing from alarm watches which went on continuously and it wasn抰 even on the hou r- What sort of watches do you have??)

The Noise Rating Index is a partially-objective measurement of pager and handphone blasts, 9pm and 10pm watch beeps, coughing-during-the-pianissimo-bits, intra-audience conversation and other mind-bogglingly inept noises emitted in the concert hall during actual performance of music. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 5, in increasing annoyance.

This review has been kindly sponsored by the Singapore Symphonia Co. Ltd

by Johann D'Souza

Nikolai LuganskyNikolai Lugansky, Silver Medallist of the 1994 Tchaikovsky International Competition, took to the stage for the third day. In that competition, no gold medal winner was announced, quite similar to the year Ashkenazy and John Ogdon shared the prize in 1962. It is a wonder what the judges were looking for in a winner.

In this nearly all-Russian programme, I am truly convinced that Lugansky's playing of his 'native' music held something close to his heart. This was clearly seen through his spell-binding and heartfelt performance. There was a certain sense of joie de vivre in his playing, something greatly needed in the pieces he was performing.

For the first half of the programme, he chose one of the most loved of Mozart Sonatas, the K 576. With clear and sublime inspiration the work was pulled off with ease. Every note was clearly heard. Lugansky's pedaling I found to be particularly clean and discernible. There was always a consummate clarity in his playing, especially in the second movement which calls for a certain amount of introspection and inwardness - this was pulled off well with his perfectly weighted and intense reading. While there was nothing idiosyncratic about his Mozart, I did find a slight rush towards the closing third movement which could have been a bit more spaced out.

Well, there were definitely a lot of Rachmaninov fans in the audience but I really wondered how many picked up the change in programme from the original preludes programmed. There weren抰 in fact any preludes from Op.32 which were performed, but instead a wider spectrum of the op.23 preludes.

It is very difficult to find an outstanding Rachmaninov player nowadays, one which stands out from the rest - the majority of Russians are so technically perfect that it is difficult to differentiate the outstanding one from the average (as "average" a technically perfect player can be). While I have a whole load of recordings of preludes played by various pianists, the pieces which particularly stand out are No.7 in C minor for its fluidity and bewitching, vaporous sonorities and No.2 in B-flat major which calls for the technical wizardry of a champion.

Lugansky never failed to deliver this and was particularly skilful in the encore of the Moments Musicaux where displayed his sense of colours from the whispering near silence to the sonorous fortissimos rendered with Herculean strength with gusto and panache. The crowd clearly acknowledged his sincerity with their long applause.

The second half produced two sets of pieces which are hardly played and heard. Medtner, a composer which is only now coming into prominence was given a cogent representation in his pieces. Phrases were clearly marked and I tend to want to believe that Russian music played by a Russian strongly gives it a better chance of an accurate interpretation - Lugansky proves so ably. He possesses a sensitive right hand, bringing out the melodic line in the Serenade clearly . To me it seemed as if he was born to play Medtner.

He also displayed mastery of the sostenuto pedal in the Forest Dance and in the closing bars of No.8. What I found most interesting in this set of pieces was their "unpredictability". I have to qualify myself when I use the word unpredictability because it should be understood in a positive stand (as opposed to a negative stand where every action can be 'concluded' - this was not the case here). With true Russian technique, there was never any exaggerated gestures or any overly idiosyncratic playing.

7th International
Piano Festival 2000

June 29 - Jon Nakamatsu
June 30 - Konstantin Lifschitz
July 1 - Nikolai Lugansky
July 2 - Freddy Kempf

Upon hearing the Pletnev transcriptio of Sleeping Beauty, I feel obliged to hail Pletnev as a demi-god of transcriptions. This work is devilishly difficult and I have now come to understand why Pletnev was already considered the winner well before the Tchaikovsky competition even started. Lugansky was dazzlingly superlative. In many areas like the La vision and the Adagio his impressive technical control and precision stood out. I also now have the utmost respect for his memory - this work is very long as well. Every facet of the pianist is drawn in, his steel in the fortes, as seen in le fin, were always well-controlled and any lapse of taste can be forgiven although I could not fault him in any of the movements. His reading brought the sheer grandeur of Sleeping Beauty to a new plane. While he did throw caution to the wind there was always an unrelieved militancy which was kept in check.

This was an extremely interesting night and Lugansky's three encores left us wanting more. I do hope that he is called back to play with the SSO - I understand from a friend who heard him in London that he has a phenomenal Rachmaninov Third Concerto - well let's hope.

Johann D'Souza wonders if there will be a day when we have to surrender all electronic devices at the door of the VCH and collect it after the concert - I see no other way.

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Readers' Comments

From: Valour ( / Tuesday, August 29, 2000 at 08:23:50)

Thank you for your detailed review of Nikolai Lugansky's recital on 1st July 2000. Please visit The Nikolai Lugansky Web Site at

From: chris balding ( / Friday, May 11, 2001 at 17:31:49)

It is realy interesting

From: Eva ( / Friday, December 21, 2001 at 01:17:18)

Thank you for your description of what sounds like a wonderful evening. I have also heard Lugansky play Medtner and totally agree with you in this matter. And I hope you will hear his 3rd Rachmaninov some time - it is incredible - for I am looking forward to your review!

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Coach outlet store online

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As one of the most famous bag brand worldwide, Coach Outlet bags are highly prasied by customers. All the coach bags are made in first class leathers which can be used for a long time. Owing to the unique design, Coach Outlet Store bags become more and more charming and classic. They will never be out of fashion. If you are looking for bags that can be used daily use and banquets, then Coach Outlet Factory shop must be your first choice. All the bags here are for great discount. You can own the latest Coach Outlet Online bags in the lowest pirce. It is a great opportunity. Do not miss it.

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Golden Prague"black bridesmaid dresses"was founded in Rome in the red bridesmaid dresses and Baroque style round tower building is still intact. The towers of the high and low,bordering on a Tallinn,"City of hundred towers",which received her pink bridesmaid dresses.Walk to the Charles Bridge, all steps can you scenes of lovers kissed near the bridge.Is equipped on the old town square and elimination of the Weng’an church with old town still mysterious green bridesmaid dresses of love.80 Metres-twin towers for Adam and Eve to dense love Yizhong lovers endless reverie. Urban Tower building with a tower or cupola, the blue bridesmaid dresses received with number of Gothic or Baroque building of the giant,the little white dress.Most of them in the Church,the Spire of the high and the low, next to Tallinn and Prague"City of one hundred towers". Under the Sun "hundred towers",looks great, is called the"Golden Prague".Prague Castle has that first many of classical painting in the Gallery, from the 16th century mostly 16th century collected paintings,including Italy and Germany, and the Netherlands and other countries yellow bridesmaid dresses,there are more than 4,000 sites.This need to find out, what young people to literature and vintage bridesmaid dresses.

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